Mike's Fund

Mike Barboud was a longtime employee here at Chesterfield Veterinary Center who tragically lost his life in an accident at the age of 53. He was beloved not just by our staff, but by our clients and their pets as well.

Mike was a tireless worker who was quick to make friends and held a deep love for the care and wellbeing of animals. As Dr. Joe Holzhauer has noted, he was one of the kindest, gentlest, and most compassionate souls with whom we all had the pleasure of working.

Knowing Mike, rather than shed tears for him, as we have, he probably would have preferred we share a beer and talk about how much we truly enjoyed having him with us. He also would have wanted us to continue caring for animals throughout St. Louis. To that end, we have established a memorial fund to honor Mike and continue his work. We do our best to raise money throughout the year and then donate what we have collected to various worthy charities. It is not much, but it allows us to remember Mike in a way that also makes the world a little better.

So please, give us a hand by making a small contribution each time you bring your pet in, or by going to MikesAnimalFund.org. Many hands can manage big things and you’ll be helping to make where we live a better place.