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Chesterfield Veterinary Staff

Jessica S.

Director of Hospital Services & Head Veterinary Technician

Jessica S. has been with Chesterfield Veterinary Center since 2003 and began working in companion animal care in 1995.

Jessica is also a member of the Veterinary Wound Management Society, National Canine Cancer Foundation, International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.

She has a border collie named Shamus and a cat named Weazel as well as many freshwater fish. Her interests include spending time with friends and family, reading and extreme obstacle races.

Sarah H.

Veterinary Technician / Social Media Specialist

Sarah has been working with us since June of 2015. Her 10-year history of experience in animal-related fields and associate degree in Veterinary Technology makes her well-equipped and qualified for her host of responsibilities throughout the day.

Those include but aren’t limited to assisting doctors with patients, performing dental cleanings and x-rays, administering vaccines and medications, performing dental cleanings, monitoring the condition of patients, and educating owners on home care and nutrition. Her favorite parts of the job are dermatology, nutrition, dental cleaning and surgeries. She’s known for her dependability, communication skills, honesty, and her eagerness to learn!

Sarah has three cats: Isabella, Betty, and Little Cat. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her friends, cooking, gardening, kayaking, fishing, and camping.

Keith Beier

Veterinary Technician

Keith Beier is a full-time Registered Veterinary Technician here at Chesterfield Veterinary Center! Keith has been a member of our team since April 2017 and he is currently responsible for assisting doctors with exams and surgery, administering medication, taking patient history, and assisting with boarding patients. Keith has about eight years of experience working with animals and of providing them with excellent veterinary care. During his free time, Keith enjoys spending time with his 10-year-old Husky/Shephard mix, Chopper. He also enjoys golfing and bowling. Welcome, Keith!

Brandi Palitzsch

Veterinary Technician

Known for her positive and compassionate attitude, Brandi has been a valued part of our team since November of 2018. Her job responsibilities include assisting doctors with appointments, sterilizing equipment and rooms, scheduling appointments, and keeping accurate records.

Overall, her favorite parts of the job are assisting with appointments and helping our patients heal. She also enjoys the fact that everyone at Chesterfield Veterinary Center is friendly and she’s able to practice her skills.

Brandi has an associate degree in Veterinary Technology from Hickey College and four years of animal-related experience. She has two cats, one dog, and four kitchens. When she’s not working, she loves knitting, crocheting, and reading Stephen King books.

Kelly Craig

Media & Client Relationship Specialist and a Veterinary Assistant

Welcome, Kelly Craig to Chesterfield Veterinary Center! Kelly is a Media & Client Relationship Specialist and Veterinary Assistant who specializes in computer management, media, client communication, medical assisting, staff scheduling, and accounts receivable. Kelly loves working at our clinic because she gets the opportunity to spend the day with animals and contribute to their veterinary care! She has been part of our team since November of 2001 and currently works part-time at our clinic. When asked why she loves working at Chesterfield Veterinary, Kelly said she loves that there is a family feel among the staff and the clients. She loves being able to help provide exemplary care for animals in the community! During her free time, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, Alana and Nathan. She also loves baking, crafting, and practicing graphic design. Kelly has two German Shephards, Savvy and Logan, and two cats, Blue and Jean. Welcome, Kelly to the Chesterfield Veterinary family!

Jody W.

Client Service Representative

As a Client Service Representative, Jody strives to welcome patients with her positive attitude and excellent communication skills. As a member of our team since October of 2015, her daily duties include greeting clients, helping clients navigate the clinic, maintaining appointment calendars, and keeping patient records up to date. One of her favorite responsibilities is seeing the new puppies and helping them acclimate to their first clinic visit!

Jody says, “I really respect the doctors and enjoy my coworkers. It’s a small but happy work family.”

Jody has a cat named Lulu and two dogs named Sadie and Boston. In her free time, she volunteers for a wildlife rescue and enjoys traveling, hiking, and kayaking.


Kennel Assistant / Client Service Representative

Kali is a team player that brings dependability, loyalty, honesty, and an eagerness to learn to her role at the Chesterfield Veterinary Center. With over two years of experience in animal-related fields, Kali’s daily duties include compassionate and attentive care for boarding and daycare animals, maintaining a clean and healthy environment, assisting with exams, greeting clients, and updating appointment and patient records.

Kali says, “I enjoy working at this clinic because it is small and friendly. I enjoy being able to help care for and heal other animals. Helping and assisting the techs and doctors is an added bonus.”

She has a Rottweiler named Xena and two pitbull/lab mixes named Arya and Tyrion. She also has a crested gecko named Eugene, a sand boa named Silky, and a rat named Bubonic. When she’s not working, she enjoys going to reptile, bird, and canine shows. She also enjoys reading, playing with her animals, and relaxing.

Ally Dillon

Kennel Assistant

Working with our team since December of 2021 and with 11 years of animal-related experience, Ally’s job responsibilities include providing attentive and compassionate care to the boarding and daycare animals, providing enrichment, and maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

With an associate degree from St. Louis Community College, Ally is a dependable, self-reliant, and team-focused member of our hospital. She loves working with the staff and has a lot of fun playing with the regular daycare animals.

Ally has three dogs named Smokey, Max, and Xena. During her free time, she loves cooking, baking, art, reading, writing, hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

Morgan Wassler

Kennel Assistant / Vet Assistant / Client Service Representative

Morgan has been working with us since April of 2021 and is known for her great communication skills and eagerness to learn. With over six years in animal-related fields, she uses her knowledge to provide compassionate care to daycare and boarding animals, maintains a clean environment for patients, greets clients, and helps maintain appointment calendars and patient records.

Morgan says, “I love being able to help the techs and doctors when needed. I enjoy talking to clients and loving on patients.”

She has one pitbull named Ace. When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking, going to the lake, kayaking, and relaxing.